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ஒரு சாமானியனுக்கும் போலீஸ் இன்ஸ்பெக்டருக்குமான ஈகோ மோதல்

Noodles Tamil Movie Review


Harish Uthaman, SJ Aazhiva, Sheela RajKumar, Madhan, Thirunavukkarasu, Vasanth Marimuthu, Naguna, Miller & Others .


Banner : Rolling Sound Pictures , Producer : Pragna Arun Prakash , DOP : T.Vinoth Raja MFI , BGM : Robert ,Sar g unam , Editor : Sarath Kumar , Art Director : Anandan Edward Kennedy , AudioGrapher : RA2 Studios , Publicit y , Des igner : Dinesh Ashok m , Song : Ramesh Krishnan MK , Lyricist : Thanikodi – Rashni , Colorist : kirubaraj princ e , Soun dEngineer : Francis , Co-Producer: Suruli Raja TM , Executive Producer: Vasant Marimuthu , PRO : John A and others.


The hero of the story, Harish Uthman, marries the heroine of the story, Sheela, against her house. Harish Uthman lives in a rented house with his wife and daughter. All the residents of that rented house used to get together every Saturday and enjoy singing and playing on the terrace. One day while playing, the police come and say that you are playing too loud, and the man and the police have an argument. The next day, the heroine’s father and mother are coming home. Harish Uthman makes some arrangements for it. Then when the heroine attacks those who came to steal her daughter’s cell phone, one of them dies. The rest of the film revolves around how Harish Uthman and Sheela deal with this unexpected murder…

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The film opens with the residents of a small apartment gathering on the terrace on a Saturday night and playing a singing competition. It also turns out that this is their routine every Saturday night. The noise is a bit too much in the excitement of the game. Someone who thought this was a nuisance reported to the police, and the area ins pector who was patrolling the same street below told Ettai in a cart to go to the terrace and warn the gang. The inspector also comes forward as the family members argue with the head constable who comes to warn.

When he arrives, the man and the inspector get stuck in the middle of a conversation. The whole movie is about the inspector leaving with a vengeance saying that he will take care of you, followed by unexpected twists, shock s and surprises in the hero’s life. Madankumar Dakshinamurthy, who has played character and villain roles in film s like Aruvi and Maveeran, is directing the film for the first time. I can’t believe that this is his first film under his d irection. Because the direction shows the maturity of the director who has directed many films.

In addition to being intimidating in the direction, he also plays the role of a police inspector, the main character i n the film. Harish Uthtaman, Sheela Rajkumar, Madankumar, Madan, Thirunavukarasu, Naguna, Vasanth Marim uthu, Miller have all acted well in the film. Especially Thirunavukarasu, who is playing the role of Vakil Thirunavu karasu, is mixing in comedy performances. The audience in the theater bursts into laughter in the scenes where he comes. Similarly, Harish Uthman and Sheela Rajkumar, who are playing the lead roles, have performed well. T he film starts with a brisk start and continues with the same briskness till the end.

The answer given by the heroine to the question of how the accident victim came into the house and fell is not ac ceptable. It is not realistic that such an incident happens and the husband and wife try to hide it together. The m urder, which is at the heart of the story, emerges logically and legally. The law provides that the death of the othe r party in the course of action taken to protect the life or property of a person in danger shall not be treated as a n offense equivalent to the crime of murder. No wonder it is not known to the common man.

But it is shocking that even the lawyer Thirunavukarasu has no understanding of it. It is also regrettable that the film is meant to multiply the public’s existing fear of the police. Apart from these, there is no denying that the mo vie offers a great viewing experience. Cinematographer Vinod Raja chooses different camera angles so that even in the small place where the story takes place, the cinematographer Vinod Raja makes you forget that the story is happening in one place. Music by Ramesh Krishna and Robert Sargun adds strength to the scenes. Madankum ar Dakshinamurthy has left a strong mark in his directorial debut. All in all the noodles have a few flaws but a lot of goodness that will definitely surprise you.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting -3.5 / 5