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National Institution for Quality & Reliability (NIQR), a premier institution striving to promo te quality in India

NIQR to Organise 17th Edition of Global Quality Convention in Chennai

  • To take place on 15th and 16th September 2023 at Chennai Trade Centre
  • To attract over 1000 delegates repr National Institution for Quality & Reliability (NIQR), a premier institution striving to promo te quality in India esenting various sectors from India and abroad                 
Chennai, 9 Sep. 2023

 The Chennai-based National Institution for Quality & Reliability (NIQR), a premier institution striving to promo te quality in India for more than three decades, is organising its 17th edition of Global Quality Convention, a two-day event to be held in Chennai on September 15-16 at Chennai Trade Centre. With the theme of “Rise of India – Towards Global Excellence”, the convention will showcase the success stories of Indian industries and inspire the younger generation to raise India as a global leader in quality.

Mr. Sudhir Chikhle, Senior Vice President, Sourcing & Supply Chain, Ashok Leyland is scheduled to inaugur ate t he convention on 15th September, while Mr. V. Kamakoti, Director, IIT Madras, will be the chief guest at the NIQ R Award Function to be held on 16th September. Over 1000 delegates representing various sectors from India an d abroad are expected to take part in the event.

The convention will have the following six sessions: Gateway for Global Opportunities; Absorbing Emerging Tec hnologies; Path to Business Excellence; Easing Regulatory Compliances; Indian Exports-Success Stor ies, and Su rmounting Barriers. It will feature addresses by thought leaders, experts, and industry leaders, including: Dr. S. Manivannan, Founder and Managing Director, Kauvery Hospital, Chennai, Mr. Ravi Kant, For mer Vice Chairman, Tata Motors, Limited, Mr. Eisenhower Swaminathan, Saint-Gobain Glass India Ltd, Mr. G. Parthiban, CEO, ZF Ran e Automotive India Pvt Ltd, Mr. S. Raghuveeran, Senior Director, CTS Chenn ai, Dr. Gaurav Singh, Head-Automati on & Projects, Adani Group, Ahmedabad, Dr. Raja Munusamy, Reliance Indus tries Ltd, Mr. Sridhar Vembu, CEO, Z oho Corporation, Mrs. Gowri Kailasam, President Rane Madras, and Mr. Magesh Rajamani Solution Architect – I BM.

Addressing a press conference, Mr. S. Murali Shankar, National President, NIQR, said “Ours is a premier instituti on working for the cause of promoting quality in Indian industry and institution for more than three decades. W e have enabled individuals and organisations to meet the challenges for enhancement of knowledge and skills th rough seminars, conferences, lectures and training programs including national conventions.”


  • V. Raghavan, National Treasurer, NIQR
  • K. Sridharan Balaji, Past National Secretary, NIQR
  • S. Murali Shankar, National President, NIQR
  • C. V. Gowri Sankar, National Council Member, NIQR
  • V. Swaminathan, Senior Vice President, NIQR
  • P. T. Bharani Perumal, Chairman, NIQR Chennai Branch
  • Dr VSV. Verchezhian, Secretary, NIQR Chennai Branch
  • Gopi Kotteswaran, Chaiman, Latent View
  • S Rajasekaran, Former National President, NIQR

In his comments, Mr. P. T. Bharani Perumal, Chairman, NIQR Chennai branch, said, “India significantly contri bute s to the global quality movement. Indian organisations have tremendous potential for global growth, th anks to t heir young, energetic and talented workforce. We are happy that several Indian compan ies that h ave excelled in quality will be sharing their experiences and success stories in the event. It will be a great learning opportunity for all attendees.”

Dr. V. Swaminathan, Senior Vice President NIQR, commented :  “The convention will have a special focus on MS MEs. These enterprises play a significant role in driving economic growth. They contribute over 30% to the GDP. In fact, they make up almost 50% of exports and are crucial in both the domestic and global supply chain. The Ind ian government has envisioned numerous supportive initiatives available for MSMEs. The convention will insp ir e these companies to avail the benefits of these initiatives.”

He also added that the convention will also emphasise the need for the Indian industry and institutions to adopt emerging technologies. “The development of Artificial Intelligence and advancements in materials science and t echnology offers tremendous growth potential in all sectors, ranging from automobile and spacecraft manufa c turing to healthcare and service industries. The industry should be equipped to make use of other advanced te chnologies, such as quantum computing, metaverse, Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs), synthetic biology, and advanced robotics and automation.”

The press conference was also attended by Mr. S Rajasekaran, Former National President NIQR, Mr. V. Raghava n, National treasurer, NIQR, Mr. C. V. Gowri Sankar, National Council Member and Dr VSV. Verchezhian, Secret ary, NIQR Chennai Branch.