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Thudikkum Karangal tamil Movie Review


Vimal, Misha Narang, Sathish, Suresh Menon, Sangili Murugan & Soundara Raja ,  Anand Nag , Subiksha and others.


Director : Veludoss , producer : K. Annadurai , Cinematography : Rammy , Music : Ragav Prasath , Editor : Chand ra kumar G , Stunt : Siruthai Ganesh , Choreographer : Dinesh ,  Lyrics : Viveka , Art : S. Kannan , P R O : K .Selvak umar .


Hero Vimal is running a youtube channel in the film. On the other hand Sangi Murugan belongs to Islam. He brin gs his own religion to Chennai. Then he wanders in search of his son. Then an expensive cab stops in a deserted area. It’s an IG cart. IG’s daughter is dead inside the car. But, they conclude this case as an accident. – Advertisem ent – It is later revealed that this was a premeditated murder. However, for some reasons, the IG appoints Inspe ctor Soundarrana to investigate the case secretly. It is in this situation that Vimal is running a YouTube channel along with his friend Satish, and Sangi Murugan seeks their help. Will Vimal finally find his son? What is the conn ection between IG daughter’s murder and son’s missing case? Who is doing all this? What is the background? The director has given it in the style of an action thriller.

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Police officer IG Devaraj’s daughter is found dead in her car by the beach. Knowing this, IG Devaraj, what is the background of this murder? Who is responsible? He starts searching. Similarly, his friend Sameer also suddenly disappears. Sameer’s father has come from town and is looking for Sameer. The hero of the story, Vimal Kothu Parotta, has a YouTube channel where he posts daily life happenings in society. Sameer’s father meets Vimala realistically and tells his problems. Vimal posted it as a video on his YouTube channel and the video went viral. Later it is revealed that Sameer is dead, what happened after this and who did this?

That is the rest of the story of the film… Hero Vimal is runs  a YouTube channel through which he is talking about people’s problems. Due to this, he gets a lot of opposition. However, he travels with the ambition to achieve succ ess in the media industry. Meanwhile, a young man from Ramanathapura district who had come to study in Chen nai goes missing. Vimal is posting information about the young man on his YouTube channel to help his father wh o is searching for him. After that, while searching for him with some information that Vimal comes to know abou t the young man, it is revealed that he is related to the IG’s daughter who died mysteriously.

As a result, a gang chases Vimal to kill him, how does Vimal find out the facts about the murder of the IG’s daugh ter and the missing youth and the people behind it?, they have told in the action thriller genre. For the first time, Vimal has acted as the hero in an action thriller genre film. But in this story, he could have avoided acting in a con ventional manner. Throughout the film he appears as a Jew in modern clothes, but without any change in body la nguage he comes across as the same old Vimal. Although we have already seen Vimal in everything be it love, co medy, sentiment, but only in the action scenes, Vimal makes us enjoy a new Vimal.

Misha Narang, who plays the heroine, has nothing to do with the story. Ammani is used only for that, does he ne ed a woman to love Vimal and sing for him?Suresh Menon’s character as a Narcotics Squad IG is the biggest brea kthrough for the film. But, only Suresh Menon’s reaction in such a role is the same in all the scenes. Although the character of Chelandararajan, who plays a police inspector, is initially introduced as an amargalaya, he is made a dummy in the later scenes. However, he does a hundred percent justice to the role given to him and attracts atte ntion.

Both Anand Nag and Subiksha, who play the central characters of the story, have done their job flawlessly. Sangi Murugan’s experienced acting and his role add strength to the script. Sathish, who plays Vimal’s friend, is as usu al biting and snarling in the name of comedy. Good job not using him throughout the film.Cinema tographer Rami has traveled according to the story and has shown the song scenes and Vimala color fully. The genre of listening to songs in the music of Raghava Prasad. The background music is also good. Siruthai Ganesh’s action sequences are simple yet enjoyable.

Cinematographer Chandrakumar.ji has neatly edited the scenes so that the screenplay is loose. Director Velud as, who has scripted and directed the action thriller genre story commercially, has spoken about the important problem happening in the society. Starting with the murder of the IG-daughter, the film takes us into the story right from the start. After that the film moves along with excitement, but the love scenes make it limp at many places. At the same time, the scenes where Vimal fights the policeman for her younger sister make the fans for get the slack caused by the love scenes and clap their hands. 

The director has an unexpected twist in the background to the mystery surrounding the murder of IG’s daughter, and what will happen next? The anticipation is infectious for the fans. The murder of the Narcotics Division IG’s daughter makes us guess what the film is going to be about right from the start. However, director Veludas mov es the screenplay interestingly with the biryani matter. All in all, there is no shortage of ‘throbbing hands’. ​ 

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3 /5