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Therkathi Veeran Movie Review

Therkathi Veeran Movie Review


Saarath, Anagha, Ashok Kumar, Vela Ramamoorthy , Kabir Duhan Singh , Madhusudhan  Rao , Pawn , Barani , Na mo Narayanan , Vinoth ,Ashok kumar, Renuka ,R.N.Manohar , Kabir Duhan Singh  and others. 


Banner : Chandrababu Film Factory , Written & Directe ; Saarath ,Music : Srikanth Deva , Cinematographer : N Shanmuga Sundaram , Action : Super Subbarayan * Kanal Kannan , Editor : VJ Sabu Joseph ,Art Director : Guru Raj ,Choreographer : Bharathi , Sandy . P R O Manavai Bhuvan  etc.


 Sarath, the protagonist, is the son of a prominent figure in the marine business in Thoothukudi. He does many go od things. He has the nature to listen to any problem wherever it happens. Through this, he has earned a lot of en mity in the town. Meanwhile, heroine Anaka and Sarath are falling in love with each other. At some point both ge t married and start living life together. It is then that the enmities he has earned in Sarat’s life start to take shape. Sarath gets caught in a murder case he did not commit. In the end, how does Sarath get away with this murder case? Were the real killers caught? Isn’t it? That is the rest of the story of the film.

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Newcomer Anaka has done her role to the best of her ability. The performances of Bharani, Kabir Dukhan Singh, Ashok and Madhusudan Rao add strength to the film. Debutant Sarath Thane has directed and acted in the film. His performance has failed to be noticed in many places. He may still have focused on the pronunciation of the verse. While one part of the screenplay is entertaining, the other part is cringe-worthy. Too many stories and too many villains has diverted people’s attention and made them bored. All the scenes in Shanmukha Sundaram’s ci nematography are worth enjoying. Srikanth Deva Music All songs are approx. Sarath, who is the head of the Fis hermen’s Association, is a man full of anger and action, but he does many things to help the people who trust him. This increases his enemies.

At one point Saran’s enemies all come together and decide to destroy him. But does Sarath recover from the fact that his enemies, realizing that he cannot be defeated directly, frame him for murder? Isn’t it? It is ‘Terkatthi Ve eran’ that says it with commercial features and action scenes. Sarath, who made his debut as hero, director, prod ucer, and lyricist in the first film, is 6 feet tall in action scenes. If he pays some attention to his diction and acting, he will definitely threaten Kollywood as a villain though not as a hero. Anaka, who plays the heroine, has done a flawless job in the songs and some of the scenes. Kabir Duhan Singh, who plays the villain, has acted menacingly as usual.

RNR Manohar, Pawan, Rajasimman, Aryan and other villains who are playing the role of a minister have also don e their job well.  Vela Ramamurthy who plays the hero’s father, Renuka who plays the mother, Uma Padman ab han who plays the lawyer, Ashok, Bharani and Vinod who play the hero’s friends, all the actors are suitable for the role. Cinematography by N. Shanmukha Sundaram is strong. The way the action scenes are shot in particular is intimidating. The cinematographer who has shot all the stunts in a grand manner has worked according to the director’s wishes.  Srikanth Deva’s music, songs and background music have traveled according to the film. The song “Kadalamma..” in the voice of music composer Deva makes you dance.

“Enna Tavam Senchiputen..” The song can be heard over and over again. Other melody songs are also sweet. Sa rath, who is attached to the double horse of director and hero and the third horse of producer, has done it skill fully. Keeping more of what works for him in the film and keeping it enjoyable adds strength to the film.   Usually there are some action scenes in the story but in this movie the story comes in between the action scenes. Actor and director Sarath, who is that much of an action lover, could have avoided overdoing it even though he threw a spectacular party for the action film lovers.  All in all, ‘Therkathi Veeran’ is perfect for action movie lovers.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting  – 4/5