Biotech Firm MicroGO Raises Pre-Series A Funding of INR 6 crore From Angel Investors in Calcutta

Biotech Firm MicroGO Raises Pre-Series A Funding of INR 6 crore From Angel Investors in Calcutta

Biotech Firm MicroGO Raises Pre-Series A Funding of INR 6 crore From Angel Investors in Calcutta

…Funds to help digitalize hygiene industry and commercialize products

 Chennai, India, 16th June 2022: Biotech firm MicroGO, a pioneer in providing smart and sustainable hygiene and infection control solutions, has raised INR 6 crore in Pre-Series A funding from Angel investors in Calcutta. The funds will be used primarily for strengthening MicroGO’s sales and marketing activities.

Aiming to solve the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WaSH) challenges through R&D-based manufacturing, Mic roGO began it’s journey of innovation in 2016, piloting its technologies with anchor customers in 2020, and prod uct commercialization in 2022.  MicroGO aims to provide its customers with a 360°hygiene and infection control solutions by innovative technologies that deliver the correct science and provides profitability and environme ntal sustainability.  MicroGO holds patented platforms that have been granted patents in as low as 90 days- one of the fastest patent granted in India. 

Increasing global travel, climate change and emergence of antib iot ic resistance organisms poses a serious threat to the quest tow ards curtailing infectious diseases. MicroGo’s vision has always be en aligned to this market nee d and Covid-19 has further strengt ened the need to accelerate hygiene management adoption across the wor ld. These new challenges required newer approaches and necessitated the development of innovative technol ogies focus sing water, food, and health. Due to rapid urbanization, rising nu mber of establishments of commer cial spaces, and increasing sa fety standards post the pandemic, the industrial & institutional cleaning chemicals market in India is expected to reach $ 526.53 million by the end of 2026.

Commenting on this funding, Dr. Rachna Dave, Founder and CEO of MicroGO, said, “This is a very important junc ture for us to scale our business as we are focusing on increasing the outreach of our products and solutions. Wh at we are buliding in this space is very significant, since hygiene and infection control practices are looked upon as an expenditure and thus, not given its due attention. Additionally, non-scientific practices are adding both AM R (anti-microbial resistance) as well environemental burden on the nation. All of which shall impact the basic ne eds of humankind i.e., food, water and health. This infusion of capital will enable us to strengthen our pre sence in India by expanding the reach network and creating on ground hygiene consultants.”

MicroGO recently launched GOassure™ MAX, an IoT enabled solut ion that automates hand hygiene, ensures co mpliance monitoring and saves water & other operational costs, empowering businesses to deliver consistent hygiene practices.

Speaking on the occasion, the investor leading the round said, “The pandemic has changed the way people and industry prioritize hygi ene and infection control practices. MicroGO has developed disrup tive smart solutions and has implemented digital hygiene practises. We have been following MicroGO`s work right from the COVID-19 onset wherein, they contributed immensely to the nation even wh en their team was very small. We are deli ghted to support a vision ary entrepreneur like Rachna, her venture, her team and their visi on to break the perc eption of hygiene practices being an expendi ture and turn it into an investment. The team`s single-minded focus to serve their customers right is something we are very proud of. We are indeed very excited about the possib ilities.”

With a team of 35+, skilled in microbiology, biotechnology, material science and engineering, MicroGO has been providing hygiene-based solutions to businesses of all sizes- from large business chains to smaller outlets.  Since its establishment, the company has added clients from various verticals like food & beverage, healthcare, pharm a, commercial and residence complexes and hospitality. This includes Airport Authority Of India, Indian Army, IHCL (TAJ and Vivanta), IRCTC, WayCool, BigBasket, Chettinaad hospitals and Apollo Hospitals.

 About MicroGO:

MicroGO®, a Pioneer in providing Smart and Sustainable Hygiene and infection control solutions was establis hed in 2016 by an ex-scientist of India’s premier institution Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Located in Chen nai, India with a team of 35+, constituted of multi- disciplinary scientists, engineers, product application speci alists, sales, and customer care team. Our clientele includes 15+ big brands including Airport Authority of India, IHCL (TAJ group), IRCTC, Bigbasket and Apollo Hospitals. MicroGO is supported by many premier agencies in India like DST, DBT-BIRAC, IKP-Hyd, TANSIM, STBI, GJBP, Nasscom and international agencies such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. At MicroGO®, we listen to our clients keenly and then use our mix of material science, engineering, microbiology and biotechnology skills to provide solutions. Our proprietary products, not only provide safer means but also saves valuable resources in the present and for the future.

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