Kuruthi Aattam Movie Review

Kuruthi Aattam Movie Review

Kuruthi Aattam Movie Review


Atharvaa  , Priya Bhavani Shankar  ,  ‘Datho’ Radha Ravi,   , Radhika Sarathkumar   , Vatsan Chakravarthy   ,Vinod Sagar ,   Kanna Ravi, Prakash Raghavan, ‘Baby’ Divyadarshini  and others . 


Directer-  Sri Ganesh , Writter – Sri Ganesh , Cinematography –  Dinesh Purushothaman ,Editing – Anil Krish , Mu sic –  Yuvan Shankar Raja , Production  company – Rock Fort Entertainment , Producer  – T.Muruganantham , Art –  Dire ctor – Kumar Gangappan , Action Director – Vicky , Lyrics – Yugabharathi, Karthik Netha , Sound Design – Sync Cin ema ,Sound Mixing – Aravind Menon , Costumes – Perumal Selvam , Colorist – Prasath Somasekar , Pub licity Design – Kabilan , Stills – Sathish , Co Director – Karthick S , PRO – Suresh Chandra, Rekha D’one , Team Rockfort – Karthik Ravivarma , KB Sriram, APV Maran , Trailer Cut – Gokul Venkat, Anil Krish , Music on – Five Star Audio ,  and Others . 


  A Madurai-based hospital attendant who is passionate about kabaddi is on a winning streak, thanks to his agi lity and coordination with co-players. One of the prominent players from the opposite team develops uncondi tional hatredness towards him which leads to a big gang war of sorts in town. How the latter’s disgust towards the former results in never-before-seen bloodshed, betrayal and a shift in power politics in the city Director Sri Ganesh‘s debut 8 Thottakal and his sophomore film, Kuruthi Aattam, have a lot in common. Both movies are de nse in terms of writing. It’s hard to come up with a one-liner for both films.

Kuruthi Aattam can be called a story about Sakthivel (Atharvaa)’s relentless pursuit to protect those closest to him. Or, it can be perceived as the story of Arivu (Prakash Raghavan), a coward, who wants to avenge anyone wh o thinks he is ‘sappa’ (Tamil slang for a wuss). And a lot of people actually do. A lot happens in Kuruthi Aattam th at constitutes character development – ​​something we seldom see in most Tamil cinema. Unfortunately, in the pu rsuit of telling where his characters are coming from, the director fails to tell where the film is going. In the end, after all the solid build-up, the film heads for a generic climax. We don’t get the cathartic experience that we we re waiting for and a key element for any revenge story.

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As with any revenge rural action drama, there are your quintessential heroes and villains in the film. But they al so come packed with layers. Sample Sakthi (Atharvaa Murali) and Muthu (Kanna Ravi) for size. Both these guys lock horns as soon as the film begins on a Kabbadi ground, and you expect a typical face-off. But that’s surpr isin gly not what you get. Muthu is the village mob boss and “akka” Gandhimathi’s son. But he chooses to leave his da ngerous dynasty behind when he enters the ground out of respect for the sport. Gandhimathi (played by a sup e rb Radikaa Sarathkumar), too is filled with surprises. Although one might not go as far as calling her a feminist Mi chael Corleone, she knows how to earn the respect of the men around her – with fear and a machete tucked into her sari. The film is the latest example of the popular butterfly effect theory.

To sum up the movie’s story, which involves various elements, characters, emotions and sub-plots in one line is challenging, to say the least. So, when police officers tail her brother Durai for his son’s lewd sexual advances to wards women, Gandhimadhi wields her gun on the cops. At the same time, she also disowns her brother and ne phew and is left with disgust. Kuruthi Aattam is filled with such odd yet fascinating dichotomies. The film also fe els like a spiritual successor to 8 Thottakkal, Sai Ganesh’s debut film, in many ways. The filmmaker tries to bring in meta-physical elements to an otherwise simple bare bones. So, when a person is imprisoned, the film isn’t qu ick to judge and box him like the four walls that trap him. It prods us to look at the circumstances instead.

This is aptly fleshed out in a scene when Sakthi, who somewhat judges a man’s character for going to prison in t he beginning, ends up going to prison himself. It all begins with kabaddi matches in Madurai where one team un der the leadership of Sakthi (Atharvaa) keeps winning over the opponent team led by Muthu (Kanna Ravi). Arivu (Prakash Raghavan), a friend of the latter and a prominent player of his team, develops jealousy and hatredness towards Sakthi. Like its characters, the film, too, is strewn with surprises. And in the process, we get an unlikely but satisfying friendship angle and a romance with a tender backstory that unites two people because of shared traumas. There’s also a remarkable assassin in the film (played by Vatsan Chakravarthy), who evokes fear with ju st his eyes. But unlike 8 Thottakkal, our time with these rich characters and their journeys are tragically cut off and traded for melodramatic episodes involving that of a dying child.

The young actor is up to the mark, but when the film’s heaviest dialogues are given to a child, it sounds quite be wildering. It is also here that Atharvaa tries to do the emotional heavy lifting in the film, and falls short. One day, Sakthi loses his cool after constant provocation from Arivu; the former beats the latter black and blue. An upset Arivu sets out to finish off Sakthi. At the outset, this appears as a fight between two individuals, but their rivalry brings the entire Madurai town to a standstill.  Kuruthi Aattam Tamil movie is made in the action genre. As the fil m 8 Thotakal was well received both critically and commercially, the fans had high expectations for the movie K urudi Atom directed by Sri Ganesh. The story of the film is about how kabaddi plays a role in the life of a person who starts a feud in the game.The women in the film are sometimes striking, like Kayal, Sakthi’s sister, who is in explicably selfless.

But then there is also Vennila (Priya Bhavani Shankar), Sakthi’s romantic interest, who is often “reminded” to sm ile and solve her problems by just a motivational dialogue or two by the hero. The fight sequences, although sm artly choreographed to the rhythm of a Kabbadi ground in creative spaces, end up in unnecessary portions in the film, and play out as confused placeholders in the screenplay. And just like that the film, which thereon pro gre ss es towards an oversimplified climax, loses the edge that it once faintly promised. The expectations of the Kurut hi Aattam movie were high among the fans. But now, Kuruthi Aattam is getting mixed reviews.

Netizens have said that scenes didn’t create any impact, there is a weak screenplay, the background of events is not strong, and the characters are not well written. These negatives reduced the enjoyment of the film. All the characters have done justice to their given role, but the characters are not well written in depth. Atharva’s per formance was good on screen. There were not much of heroic scenes in the movie. Only a few action scenes we re admirable. The movie is not well connected, and the scenes are predictable. Kuruthi Aattam Movie castes are Atharvaa, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Radha Ravi, Vatsan Chakravarthy and Vinod Sagar. Watch Kuruthi Aattam mo vie in theatres.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3 /5