Not Reachable Tamil Movie Review

Not Reachable Tamil Movie Review

Not Reachable Tamil Movie Review


Vishwa , Sai Dhanya , Shuba Devaraj , Vijayan , Kadhal Saravanan , Birla Bose , Sharmila , Kalangal Dinesh etc.


Banner : Crackbrain Productions & M Creations ,  Written * Edited & Directer  :  Chandru Muruganantham ,  DoP : Sukumaran Sundar , Music Director : Charan Kumar , Sound Design : Vignesh Baskaran , Art Director : Jagdhee sh , VFX : Harikaran.K * Chandru Muruganantham , DI : Firefox Studios , Colorist : Srikanth Raghu , Make Up : Ber cy , Alex , Music : TIPS , Lyrics : Udumalai Pravin *  MC Vicky *The Monk , Producer : Crackbrain productions Pro Team : Barani Alagiri *Thirumurugan , Written  –  Chandru Muruganantham , Directer – Chandru Murugan anth am , Producer – Crackbrain productions , Major Solid – Vishwa *Sai Dhanya *Shuba Devaraj* Vijayan  , Music – Charan Kumar , Cinematography-  Sukuma ran Sundar , Editer – Chandru Muruganantham , Manufacturing Firm – Crackbrain Productions & M Creations , Distributer – Crackbrain Productions & M Creations , Digital PR – Ahm ed Asjad , Language –  Tamil ,P R O – Barani *Thiru Kumaran . and others . 


Cops acquired a notification via the kavalan app that an IT woman was kidnapped. when the police arrived the spot the woman acquired murdered however cop was confused that the sufferer shouldn’t be a kidnapped wo man.Then the place is the kidnapped woman? An attention-grabbing conclusion lined by a psycho lesbian killer…

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At the beginning of the story, 3 women go missing, 2 of them die, the protagonist (Vishwa) and the heroine (Sai ​​Tanya), who are police officers, come together to investigate the case and get many startling information. or not And did they rescue the one remaining woman alive? or not That is the rest of the story  An urgent call comes to the police control room. Police are on alert. Police inspector Kayal (Suba) goes to the concerned place. During t he investigation, the girl’s name is Lavanya. But the phone number that came to the control room is in the name of a woman named Varsha. So the police come to know that Varsha is also in danger. The high officer (Kayal’s fa ther) hands over the case to forensic officer Vishwa and Kayal. In this situation, a young girl named Hema is sa ved by committing suicide.

He is mentally ill. Who shot and killed women? What did the police find in the investigation? That is the rest of the story of the film. The hero Vishwa is quite suitable for the police role. The way he conducts the investigation is insightful. Contribution of Sai Tanya, Subha, Kadhal Saravanan, Birla Bose is OK. Sukumaran Sundar has done the cinematography. Charan Kumar has composed the music. They are somewhat masterful in their work. Dire cted by Chanduru Muruganantham. He has made this film based on the usual incident of kidnapping of women. He has made a sensation with the title of “Not Reachable” because of not being able to contact the missing wo men. The director is trying to tell the story briskly in thriller style. But because of the lack of interest in the sc reenplay, we also could not reach with the story.

Will they appoint a forensic officer as the primary officer in a murder case? But the director has set awareness-raising scenes through the mobile app ‘Kavalan’.’Not Reachable’ is a film in the crime thriller genre with many ne wcomers including the hero. Two young women are murdered with identical clues in quick succession. Third, a girl goes missing. Who killed them? Not Reachable is a film about the police finding out. Vishwa and Subha, who are investigating officers in this murder case in the police, are leading the film. Vishwa’s calm approach and Sub ha’s angry approach conveys the nature of the trial. Their relationship is interesting. Sai Tanya has the role to w atch after them. Why have you been showing him in a moody state since the beginning? Finally there is a great answer to that question.

Haridasree, who is playing the role of Riya, has also played the role with understanding. Kadal Saravanan, Kalan al Dinesh, Birla Bose, Sharmila, Kowai Gurumurthy and others have also suited their roles. The roles of Literarya and Sairogini are a lesson for young women. Sukumaran Sundar’s cinematography captures the theme of the fil m. Sarankumar’s music is okay, no problem. Chanduru Muruganantham has written, directed and edited the film. The way the police approach murder cases and the characters are perfect. The praise for him is that he did not th ink that it was the first film. The film has good crime and thriller to keep the suspense of who is the culprit till the end.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3 /5