o9 Solutions Issues Its Inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance Impact Report

o9 Solutions Issues Its Inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance Impact Report

o9 Solutions Issues Its Inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance Impact Report

 o9 Report Sets a Baseline for Its Strategy to Achieve Carbon Neutrality in 2022, Become a Net Zero Company in the Future and Continue to Champion Social Impact Initiatives

 Bangalore, July 6, 2022 – o9 Solutions, a leading enterprise AI software platform provider for transforming plan ning and decision-making, today revealed its inaugural ESG Impact Report. This report highlights o9’s sustainabi lity and social impact strategies, activities, progress, metrics and performance during the 2021 calendar year. Th e annual report will guide o9’s strategy to achieve carbon neutrality in 2022 and soon become a net zero compa ny, a milestone the company is actively working towards. It also outlines the company’s goals to continue to cha mpion positive social change.

o9 was founded to create a scalable, powerful planning and decision-making platform for the world’s largest ent erprises, while tackling some of humanity’s greatest sustainability challenges. The o9 Digital Brain, which prov ides industry-leading visibility, traceability and accountability for end-to-end demand planning, highlights how the nature of sustainability, optimal supply chain performance and technology are deeply connected. The o9 Di gital Brain enables companies to reduce waste, protect employees, recycle materials, and uncover risks across their global supply chains. Additionally, driving positive social change is one of o9’s core values. The company is committed to deepening its commitment to social impact by nurturing a collaborative, diverse, and inclusive cul ture that enables employees, suppliers and communities to thrive.

o9’s inaugural ESG report sets a baseline of accountability that the organiza tion will use to develop key perfor mance indicators and measure progress in meeting its sustainability and social impact initiatives in the years to come.

Chakri Gottemukkala, Co-founder and CEO of o9 Solutions, said, “From the start, our mission has not only been to contribute to society and the environ ment through the use of software, but also through employee engagem ent and community actions. We are well-positioned to ensure our clients are em powered to transform their planning capabilities to place as much emphasis on their sustainability goals as they do on financial goals. And since the laun ch of our Social Impact program in 2021, we’ve strived to bring sustainable value creation to all of our st akeholders through meaningful initiatives.”

“We believe in the importance of sharing our own journey of ESG transfor ma tion,” said Igor Rikalo, President an d COO of o9 Solutions. “This report will serve as a guiding principle for reduc ing carbon emissions within our ow n operations while supporting our clients with their sustainability go als usi ng the o9 Digital Brain platform. It wi ll also help us advance our social impact programs to make a positive diff erence in the lives of o9 employees and the communities we serve. We look forward to being a trusted part ner in sustainability and social impact to our clients, investors, employees, communities and the planet – now and in the future.”

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