Twitter introduces Tamil Topics, continues to build for multilingual India

Twitter introduces Tamil Topics, continues to build for multilingual India

Twitter introduces Tamil Topics, continues to build for multilingual India 

  • Tamil Topics have been rolled out to 100% of Android, iOS and web users who have set Tamil as their primary language on Twitter
  • The launch comes as a step forward in Twitter’s commitment to building for India and its diverse audiences
  • More than 15,000 Topics are available across 13 languages including Hindi and Tamil
  • Approximately 280 million accounts follow at least one Twitter Topic

Chennai, 20 July 2022: Twitter has always been the best place for people to know and discuss what’s happening about their interests, and today the service is announcing Tamil Topics to make it easier for them to find the most relevant and interesting conversations in Tamil across literature, music, poetry, and much more. Tamil is the third most used language on the service in India and Tamil Topics will let people choose and personalise the content th at they want to see on their Home Timeline whether it’s more Tweets on artists like Vijay, Rajinikanth, A R Rahm an or sports teams like CSK. It will also help keep people abreast with what’s happening by recommending the co ntent related to or similar to the interest, celebrity or even team they follow, including entertainment and sports news.

As part of Twitter’s commitment to build for India and serv e the country’s diverse and multilingual audiences, it is lau nching Tamil Topics for 100% of Android, iOS and web user s who have Tamil set as their primary language. The launch follows Hindi Topics, which was introduced in 2020, and In dia-only experiences such as the Cricket Tab experiment and the Cricket Twitter – India Community.

Cheryl-Ann Couto, Head of Partners at Twitter India, shares, “Over the years, Twitter has broadened the scope and scale of real-time conversation and connection by providing greater po ssibilities for intimate and authentic interactions through fea tures such as Spaces. In fact, Tamil audiences were early adop ters of Spaces and to celebrate their enthusiasm we introduced a dedicated #TamilSpaces emoji. With Topics and #OnlyOnTwitter activations in Tamil, such as the recent #F anTweets video with music maestro Ilaiyaraaja (@ilaiyaraaja) and a Voice Tweet from Rajnikanth’ on the occasion of #15 Years OfSivaji, we are bringing relevant and exclusive content to people respectively and trying to help them connect directly with the things that they care about as well as with one another. We are excited to support and elevate the incre dible community that surrounds all things Tamil Twitter and see it grow further.”

 Twitter first introduced Topics in 2019 and at the moment, there are more than 15,000 Topics available across 13 languages and approximately 280 million accounts follow at least one of these Topics.

Twitter fanclubs of renowned superstars and cricket fans were elated to hear that now there is a dedicated Tamil Topic for their favourite celebrity / team and expressed their excitement through Tweets:

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