Shiv Nadar University Chennai Hosts Orientation Day for 2022-23 Batch

Shiv Nadar University Chennai Hosts Orientation Day for 2022-23 Batch

Shiv Nadar University Chennai Hosts Orientation Day for 2022-23 Batch

 Chennai, September 20, 2022: Shiv Nadar University Chennai, the third initiative in higher education by the Sh iv Nadar Foundation today extended a hearty welcome to their ‘Second batch’ of students through the inaugura tion of the orientation program ‘Shubharambham’22’. Shiv Nadar University Chennai is the first state private Un iversity legislated by the state Govt of Tamil Nadu after 90 years (since the Annamalai University Act in 19 28), upon the passing of the Shiv Nadar University Act, 2018. Roshni Nadar Malhotra, Trustee of Shiv Nadar Foundat ion joined the ceremony and addressed the students. The orientation programme was inaugurated by Mr R. Srini vasan, Chancellor, Dr. Kala Vijayakumar, Pro-Chancellor, Shiv Nadar University Chennai and Professor Sriman Kumar Bhattacharyya, Vice-Chancellor, Shiv Nadar University Chennai at the Justice Pratap Singh auditorium, SNU Chennai campus.

 Students were addressed by Lt. Esan, Commander, Voluntary Disaster Rescue Squad who shared his learnings of working in a role that is the epitome of self-guided and selfless service. Mr S.E. Kannan, Former Director, Safety Research Institute of Atomic Energy Regulatory Board addressed students and shared his experience of a resea rch-oriented career. 

Welcoming the students Dr. Kala Vijayakumar, Pro-Chancellor, Shiv Nadar University Chennai said “What mak es you stand out from the crowd is the holistic development because of the opportunities provided by the Univer sity. Which includes academics, research, sports and being social conscience humans “. She summarizes by saying “Shiv Nadar University Chennai is poised to become a global university focused on innovation, research, creativi ty and aimed at moulding future leaders.”

The founding Vice-Chancellor of Shiv Nadar University Chennai, Professor Sriman Kumar Bhattacharyya said, “We at Shiv Nadar University Chennai are committed to impart quality education and producing industry-ready manpower for our nation through innovative ways. To create a globally renowned institution of excellence com mitted to nurturing the future leaders of India the university will not leave any stone unturned.” He concluded h is address with one last thought to the students, “There is absolutely no substitute for hard work.”

The orientation program also allowed the students from the new batch to showcase their talents during the Ta lent Show. Further, they also received an opportunity to familiarize themselves with various faculty members a cross departments.

The founding batch of students is currently pursuing undergraduate degrees in four specialized programs in the schools of Engineering and Commerce and Management. This year, the university has introduced two more pro grams, one in the School of Engineering (B.Tech in CSE with a focus on Cyber Security) and the other one in the School of Science and Humanities (B.Sc Economics (Data Science)).

  About Shiv Nadar University Chennai

Shiv Nadar University Chennai ( is a research-focused University offering wide-range of specialized academic programs at the undergraduate level. The University has been set up by the Shiv Nadar Foundat ion, a philanthropic foundation established by Mr. Shiv Nadar, Founder, HCL – a US$11.8 billion leading global technol ogy enterprise. The University endeavors to become a pioneering institution of higher education, setting new global ac ademic benchmarks and revolutionizing the education landscape in the country.

The University campus features state-of-the-art infrastructure for learning, including seminar halls, auditoria, libraries, gymnasium, a sports complex and hostels for men and women. The campus is entirely wi-fi enabled with 24/7 internet access. Shiv Nadar University Chennai offers a holistic educational environment that is continually evolving to bridge t he gap between the classroom and global demands by world-class faculty who are progressive academicians, leading thinkers, and innovative educators from ranked global universities. The University commenced its journey towards be coming a globally acclaimed centre for learning and innovation in 2018 and offers innovative undergraduate programs in the fields of engineering and commerce and has now also introduced doctoral programs across various disciplines.

 About Shiv Nadar Foundation 

Established in 1994, by Shiv Nadar, Founder, HCL – a US$11.8 billion leading global technology enterprise, the Found ation is committed to the creation of a more equitable, merit-based society by empowering individuals through transfor mational education, and to bridge the socio-economic divide. Over the last 27 years the Foundation, has directly touche d the lives of over 30,000 alumni and students through its marquee institutions in literacy, K12 and higher education. To day, the Foundation has a community of over 100,000 constituents, which includes not only globally dispersed alumni and students but also faculty members, corporate executives, and extended families. The Foundation has invested over US$1billion in its seven landmark institutions and initiatives across education and art. Currently over 13,000 students and over 2,000 faculty are part of the Foundation along with around 21,000 strong globally dispersed alumni comm unity.

 The Foundation’s students have gone to study at some of the best institutions globally including the Ivy League in the US and top universities in other countries including Australia, Singapore, China and UK. Students are also working in major corporations, including Goldman Sachs, Honda, HP, Schindler, and several others both in India and across other geograph ies. Faculty across the Foundation institutions are drawn from the best Indian and international universities, with a stro ng focus on research and innovation.  The Shiv Nadar Foundation pursues the philosophy of ‘Creative Philanthropy’. It is a powerful model which envisages creation of institutions that are built to last and continue to impact future generatio ns. It is an approach that allows sustained institutionalized philanthropy for long-term, high impact, socio-economic tra nsformation.