Thiru.C Sankaranathan – Managing Director, The Banana Leaf – Singapore, Apollo Sellapas Department store – Singapore,

Junior Kuppanna launched its restaurant in Nexus Vijaya Mall, Vadapalani

 Chennai, Sep. 2022

 Thiru.C Sankaranathan – Managing Director, The Banana Leaf – Singapore, Apollo Sellapas Department store – Singapore, Sankar Holdings inaugurated Junior Kuppanna’s Vadapalani branch in the presence of Mr Murthy K and Mr Arumugan P, carrying the legacy of the Founder’s family on Monday, 22nd September. It is located on the 3rd Floor, sized at 2000 sq ft. This 76-seater is also a great space to host parties. For more details, please contact: +91 73581 07757.

Humble Beginnings:

The journey of Junior Kuppanna began in the early 60s with Founder Thiru Kuppusamy’s passion to bring the Ko ngu Nadu cuisine to the world. From truly humble beginnings, he set up a small eatery with a mere 12 seats. As cu stomers started trickling in and savouring the dishes, word started to spread about his food, simple yet rich, healthy yet delicious.

His signature and traditional Kongu Nadu biriyani were the talks of the town. Soft and te nder pieces of mutton in rich spices and steeped in seeraga samba rice, cooked to perfection. Soon the word sp read amongst the masses achieving cult status and customers christened it as ‘Kuppanna biriyani’. Later Tamil icons like Anna, MGR, Sivaji, Kalaignar, and Jayalalitha to name a few became fans of Kuppanna. 

 The Best Non-Vegetarian Spread:

From Kongunadu nestled between the Nilgiris on the west and small parts of modern-day Karur Districts on the east, comes an exotic cuisine by the same name that we serve in our restaurants every day. The food, the brand, the biriyani, and our story that has come to be. We hope you will come along for the ride. 

Signature Seeraga Samba Biriyani

“Throughout our journey, our Biriyani has stood the test of time. Handpicked spices from the region and traditi onal cooking methods passed through generations have been keeping our customers coming back for more. The biriyani is usually served on a banana leaf, the mutton pieces tear up ever so gently in your fingers, as you procee d to mix some spicy seeraga samba rice to form a mouthful, the aroma beckons you, as you proceed to devour th e mouthful you’ve made and from there on, it’s just pure bliss. Our customers have fondly named it ‘The best bir iyani in town.

Best Non-Veg Spread with JK Signature Dishes

Apart from the iconic seeraga samba rice mutton biriyani Junior Kupanna serves its signature dishes that have achieved cult status like – Mutton Chukka, Chicken Pallipalayam, Kongu Mutton Curry, Pichupota Nattu Kozhi, Madurai Mutton Curry, Chicken Pepper Gravy, Kola Urundai, Brain Fry, Kovai Chicken Curry, Coonoor Chicken Curry, Nalli Fry. Mouth-watering signature dishes are available at all Junior Kuppanna restaurants or ordered on Swiggy and Zomato.