Trace your roots with Kintree – a platform launched to bind families

Trace your roots with Kintree – a platform launched to bind families

Trace your roots with Kintree – a platform launched to bind families

Mumbai, 29th July 2022: In a world where technology helps strangers connect, Kintree aims to rekindle conne ctions with not just the immediate family but also the extended family. The all-in-one social media platform for families serves as a valuable, user-friendly platform for anyone who wants to stay updated on important family developments while still maintaining complete privacy.

In today’s scenario, holding on to one’s cultural legacy is important for one to know their identity. Kintree offers a solution by creating a foundation for a family, which allows adding members of immediate and extended fami ly. Its primary feature helps capture the spirals of family history in simple steps to create a family tree. The platf orm’s smooth user interface is suited for multi-generational use. Further, Kintree provides a secure medium to exchange pictures and updates amongst family. Available in various regional languages,

A brainchild of Iftikhar Khan and Shyam Zaveri, Co-Founders, Kintree aims to cross the language barrier and prom ote connections acr oss the globe. Talking about the launch of the platform, Iftikhar Kh an, Co-Founder, Kintree said, “Our core belief is family always co mes first. The seed for Kintree was sowed when we identified a gap in acces sing and reaching out to one’s extended families no matter where they are. Kintree serves as a unique and secure medium to discover and connect with one’s long-lost relatives, anytime, anywhere.”

Shyam Zaveri, Co-Founder, Kintree shared “The world is small! This becomes a quick reality when one starts using Kintree. If you are someone who didn’t even know the names of more than 20% of your family members, now they all can be picturized on a single screen. Further, Kintree helps one many generations above grandparents and the life they lived.”

About Kintree:

Kintree Private Limited, part of Ankit Advertising, is an all-in-one platform for families who believe in toget he rness. Driven by our core belief, we strive to help people bond with their extended families no matter where th ey are. We are passionate about our core values and believe in giving people a unique and safe platform to help them stay in touch with their loved ones. Currently, Kintree is available in 12 languages, with plans to add international languages in the near future. Additional languages will be added depending on the region in which the popularity of the app grows.  

Kintree can be accessed on browser, Android, and iOS.